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Paul has been producing music for the last ten years. His experience in the field is the perfect piece to finish your musical puzzle! Specializing in indie rock he is a perfect fit to help you find your unique sound. From voice overs to full band recordings anything you may need can be accommodated


Finding the perfect tone takes a long time and is best done by a professional who has the experience to take your hard work and make it a reality! My job is to take what you hear in your head and make it come out of your speakers, I've had years of research and have worked hard to refine my ears to make a mix that can live up to your high expectations!

live sound

There's no job too small and few too large for Paul Mitro productions. Whether it's traveling as your engineer or bringing a entire sound rig to a gig anything you need will be accommodated! Quality and professionism is priority number 1!

working with the best
inthe industry. now you.


my philosophy 

I've found the majority of live sound "engineers" are little more than weekend warriors with a pa bought from guitar center. While it's true the equipment is only part of your sound, I've found that the best engineer can only make subpar equipment sound so good. My philosophy is that no matter what gear I have to work with every situation will always be handled with the upmost professionalism and the most considerate manners to be used.

people i've worked with

  1. Brian Naus
  2. Nick Arnot
  3. HeadStones
  4. The Tea Party
  5. Micah Brill
  6. Anthony Hoisington
  7. Chris Hoisington
  8. Weston Skaggs
  9. USS
  10. The Wesleyan Church Of Hamburg
  11. Michael Bahn
  12. Sprig Records
  13. Steve LaBarber
  14. AC and the Slaters
  15. Clyde
  16. Tony Petrocelli
  17. Amongst The Ruin
  18. The Casket Runaway
  19. Peregrine
  20. Taylor Nesbit
  21. Eric Basta
  22. Brothers McClurg
  23. Lily Among Thorns
  24. Lo and Behold
  25. Anchor Me Down
  26. 7th Sine
  27. Bill Elson
  28. Caitlin Connors
  29. Eric Todaro
  30. Corey Coogan
  31. Elmwood Drive
  32. Frailty
  33. Greg Wisniewski
  34. Ken Nyland
  35. Maliyana
  36. The Bella Donna
  37. We Are All Ghosts
  38. What Lies Beneath
  39. Travesty Pictures
  40. The Stars Threw Down Their Spears
  41. Tides Of Antioch
  42. After Dark Presents
  43. The Waiting Room
  44. Sword Of The Spirit Ministries
  45. Bethel Church
  46. Destiny Christian Church
  47. Victory Christian Church
  48. Akron Free Methodist Church
  49. Nash Road Church
  50. New Life Church
  51. The Fathers House
  52. Rapids Theater
  53. Billy’s Blues Band
  54. Northgate Free Methodist Church
  55. Joshua Revolution
  56. Starfields Recording Studio
  57. Christopher Hopper
  58. Peter Hopper
  59. Kingdom Bound

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about Paul

I’ve loved music since I was a child and always Loved messing with anything that I could make noise with. The desire to write music coupled with the last decades advancements in technology fueled my ambition to become the best live audio and recording audio engineer I could be. Not only being able to record and make you’re music loud and professional, but be able to do it in a way that serves you and helps you find “your own sound”,but to do it in a professional way. That’s what pushes me. That’s what drives me to be the best and to take what ever your project is and to work with you and to help you make it the best it can be! I want to help you show the world what you've been created to do! 

If you have any questions about studio time, writing sessions, preproduction work, live sound, tech needs for your church or teaching classes, or if you just have a question about life please do not hesitate to contact me!

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